The Faraday Cup Award


Rules for Selection:



Submission Deadline: February 28, 2022

Beam Diagnostic Instrument:

A device to measure the properties of charged elementary particle, atomic or simple molecular beams during or after acceleration, or the properties of neutral particle beams produced in an intermediate stage of charged particle acceleration. The device may operate by detecting secondary beams of charged, neutral, massive or mass less particles. But its purpose should be to diagnose the primary charged particle beam. The mass of primary beam particles shall be no greater than the order of 1000 atomic mass units.

Delivered Performance:

The performance of the device should have been evaluated using a charged particle beam, rather than in a "bench top" demonstration.


A description of the device, its operating principle, and its performance should have been published in a journal or in the proceedings of a conference or workshop that is in the public domain. Laboratory design notes, internal technical notes, etc., do not qualify but may be submitted to support other publications. Full and open disclosure is necessary to the extent that a potential user could design a similar device. More than one article may be submitted (together) to satisfy this requirement; for example, an article describing the principle plus another article describing the performance.


Nominations are open to candidates of any nationality for work done at any geographical location. There are no restrictions for candidates, with the only exception that they cannot be members in charge of the BIW Program Committee. In the event of deciding between works of similar quality, preference will be given to candidates in an early stage of their beam instrumentation career. The award may be shared between persons contributing to the same accomplishment. Once accepted by the Award Committee a nomination shall remain eligible for two successive competitions unless withdrawn by a candidate.


The Award Committee may release the names of entrants and a list of publications related to an entry if requested by a third party. Unpublished supporting material will not be disclosed nor will the names of persons supporting a nomination. Discussion regarding individual entries, scoring, etc. is regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed.


The nomination package shall include the name of the candidate, relevant publications, a statement outlining his/her personal contribution and that of others, letters from two professional accelerator physicist, engineers or laboratory administrative personnel who are familiar with the device and its development.  (see submission page)