The 2006 Faraday Cup Award

Presented to

Haixin Huang, BNL,


Kazuyoshi Kurita, Rikkyo University, Japan

Julien Bergoz (on right), Bergoz Instrumentation
presenting the Faraday Cup Award to

Haixin Huang (second from left) and  Kazuyoshi Kurita
with Jim Zagel (on left) of FNAL looking on.

Haixin Huang and  Kazuyoshi Kurita won the award for the design of an innovative proton beam polarization monitoring system. The polarimeter used ultra-thin carbon filaments and an array of silicon detectors to deduce the degree of polarization from proton-carbon elastic scattering in the Coulomb-Nuclear Interference Region. This information is critical to avoid losing the beam as it is  accelerated through depolarizing resonances.


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