The 1998 Faraday Cup Award

Presented to

Andreas Peters, GSI

Julien Bergoz, Bergoz Instrumentation,
presenting the Faraday Cup Award to Andreas Peters
with Bob Hettel of SLAC looking on.

Andreas Peters of GSI won the award for the developement of a detector to measure nano-Ampere DC beam currents, the Cryogenic Current Comparator..

A nano-Ampere DC current can be measured by comparing it to a known current when both are passed through a cryogenic cylinder. The resulting currents genererated on the tube surface may be measured with a SQUID.


A Peters, et al., "A Cryogenic Current Comparator for the Absolute Measurement of nA Beams", Proceedings of the Beam Instrumentation Workshop, 1998. p 163. AIP Proceedings 451. American Inst. Physics, Woodbury, NY

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