The 1992 Faraday Cup Award

Presented to

Alexander Feschenko, INR

Julien Bergoz, Bergoz Instrumentation,
presenting the Faraday Cup Award to Alexander Feschenko of  INR,
with Bob Shafer of LANL looking on.

Alexander Feschenko of  INR won the award for the developement of a technique for measuring the longitudinal bunch shape of a charged particle beam with picosecond response using secondary emission from a fine wire probe.


Feschenko, A. V., and Ostroumov, P. N., "Bunch Shape Measuring Technique and Its Application for an Ion Linac Tuning", Proc. 1986 Linear Accel. Conf., SLAC Report 303, p 323, Sept 1986

Feschenko, A. V., "Bunch Shape Monitors using Low Energy Secondary Electrons," Proceedings of the 1992 Accelerator Instrumentation Workshop (Berkeley, CA), p 185, AIP Conf. Proc. 281.

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